Luci in a Gothic Land

England is my home.  A home holds its own order and tradition.  Through the lens of the Gothic, I encounter the elements of the knowledge of the past and discover the place in which my domestic affections are centred. I somehow have found a sense of belonging. The book and places below are treatures that I have discovered.

1764 - The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic novel leads to Strawberry Hill

The notions of volatility, darkness, the uncanny and uncertainity are the essense of gothic themed fiction. Nothing is fixed in Gothic stories. The Castle of Otranto -it is generally regarded as the first gothic novel.Set in a haunted castle, a Gothic Revival house that nowaday is an unique place to visist, where the author, Horace Walpole, lived, the novel was ignited by a nightmare he had. In his dream, a gigantic hand in armour existed, supernatual events occured. Medieval allegary and Shakespare can been unsealed in the fiction, a very attractive and intersting story to read!

The Old Yorkshire

As we started upwards, scarcily able to believe our own eyes, the stone towers seemed almost to glare down at us, the cold pearly glow from each brick almost winking in the dawn sunlight. York Minster is an imposing sight - only the haunting shadows of Whitby Abbey proved more impressive.